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Our group is interested in the regulation of lymphocyte activity and function during infections, cancer and autoimmunity. Current research efforts are focused on the activating T cell receptor (TCR) and inhibitory PD1 pathways in T cells. We apply multidisciplinary approaches that combine cutting-edge fluorescence microscopy with biophysics, biochemistry and molecular biology to elucidate how conformations, modifications, localizations and assembly of signaling molecules control signal transduction and thereby T cell activity. Newly identified molecular mechanisms are characterized and targeted in vivo, specifically in mice, to modulate anti-tumor responses and autoimmunity. Our goal is to determine the potential of these novel mechanisms as future drug targets for immunotherapies.

AG Lillemeier

AG Lillemeier

Prof. Dr. Björn Lillemeier

Biology 3 / CIBSS Excellence Cluster

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Habsburgerstr. 49

D-79104 Freiburg


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